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Back that Thing Up

Read time: 2 minutes

The phrase: “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone.” has never been more true when it comes to computers dying. I have learned the hard way on multiple occasions on the importance of backing up the files on your computer. Don’t procrastinate on this as your hard drive could literally crash at any moment (kinda similar to appreciating life because you could literally die at any moment…).

There are a few ways you can do this. My personal favorite is to use a site called sugarsync. It stores all your files online. If you sign up through the link, you and I will both get some free storage. The best part of this site is that you can get free storage simply by referring people. I have 50 gigs of free storage simply from referrals.

Another way to keep things backed up is to use a portable backup hard drive. It’s simply a hard drive that is enclosed in a special case. Unless you have a crap-ton of music, movies, porn, etc. you probably can go with a smaller one at 250 gb or so. These will run you around $50 at the time of this writing.

Finally, you can go really cheap by just burning files to cds or even using flash drives if you don’t have that much to backup.

I can’t stress how important it is to do this. I have a lot of pictures that I would hate to lose and I’m sure you have various files, old tax returns, pics, music, that book report you wrote in high school, etc. that you would not want to lose.

Take action now: Right now, use one of the following methods to back up some of  your most important files. Even if you only have a flash drive or some blank cds lying around, pop them in, and back up just the most important stuff. You truly can’t appreciate having a backup until you lose it all. I’m sure the feeling is pretty similar to having a hardcore character die on Diablo 2 or losing your first-born child. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Ok, so there is a way to possibly recover your stuff for free that is pretty effective if you’re a lazy ass and didn’t follow my advice. It’s an open source program called test disk and can be found here. While it is pretty effective and I have used it once to restore some of my old files, I still recommend you don’t risk losing it all. It sucks! :???:

Save Money when Purchasing Things Online

Read Time: 90 seconds

Here’s a nifty trick when purchasing things online that can save you money. How many times have you seen one of these when you are in the process of finishing your purchase:

It may say enter promo, coupon, or gift code.  Either way, all you have to do is go to google and type in “site name promo code.”  “Site name” is the name of the website you are shopping on.  Try coupon code as well.  I have found coupons that have saved me 10-20% instantly all for literally less than a minute of my time.

For a quick example, I just went to and added things to my cart.  I googled “igourmet promo code” and found a code of cc22.  I typed it in the box and whaddaknow it worked!

I haven’t had much luck with amazon, but there are many sites where this is very easy to do.  Another way to earn points/money/rewards is to join sites that give you these things for purchasing through their site.  Two that I use are and

I have earned a lot of points on mypoints, mostly through ebay purchases.  Basically, you go through the mypoints site and it redirects you to ebay.  There you make your purchase like you normally do, and you earn points on mypoints that are good towards gift cards and other items.

I have earned cold hard cash from fatwallet.  When I bought a hp laptop, I went through fatwallet’s site which took me to hp’s site.  I made my purchase and earned $16.20 from fatwallet.  On a $450 purchase, that comes out to 3.6%.  Add in the 1% I get from my credit card and that brought the purchase down to just under $430.  $20 off is not bad considering how easy it was.  Try any of the techniques above, you won’t regret it! :razz: