How to Get an Immediate 50% Discount off of a House, Guaranteed!

No this is not one of those late night infomercial scams!

If you are a law enforcement officer, firefighter, EMT,  or teacher listen up!  You can get a guaranteed 50% off a home if you live in it as a primary residence for 36 months!  Guaranteed by the US government!  50 freaking percent!  You can’t own any other property, though, so we are unable to do it.

The ONLY drawbacks I see are limited selection of homes and being locked in living there for 36 months.  For the right person, this is the chance to get a HUGE discount on a home though.

Go here for more details:

My First Ecommerce Store is Finally Up!

I finally have an ecommerce store up and running!  It doesn’t have many products yet, but I will be adding a bunch in the near future.  I have already made a lot of mistakes and way overpaid for the site, but the lessons I have learned already are invaluable for the future.  I hope to start other stores with higher margins and scalability in better niche markets as well.

I may end up deciding ecommerce isn’t for me and stick to real estate as my flagship to freedom.  I am definitely interested in some sort of online business, though,  due to the low risk/high reward ratio.  I am quite proficient in wordpress and getting more familiar with the ins and outs of website creation/management, which is definitely a plus in this business, although you can technically outsource everything!  We already have an idea for our next site and the wife might even lend a hand in it!  I’ll definitely be posting the results of this endeavor in future posts.  Oh yeah, and the amazon affiliate store I bought off Flippa has made like $5 in a couple months.  lol  Not good, but it was mostly an experiment too and I’ve learned a lot there too.  Looking forward to what the future holds! 🙂

PS The site is, check it out! 🙂

Lifehack: Don’t Wait in Line at Chipotle!

Read time: <30 seconds

For those of you who love Chipotle but hate waiting in their long lines there is a simple solution: order your food online or through the Chipotle app. Just go to their website, find the Chipotle you go to, and order through their site and schedule the time you’ll be there. When you get there, skip the line and go straight to the cashier!

I have done this multiple times and in as short of notice as 15 minutes. I have also ordered through my phone’s web browser while driving down the highway at 80 mph! I remember standing in line in college and seeing people pick up their food and thinking, “WTF? How do they just pick up their food and leave?” I hope this helps some people avoid the dreaded Chipotle line! 😉

edit: I recently read another article on some additional Chipotle hacks like asking for half chicken and half steak and getting like 3/2 worth of meat.  Also asking for both types of beans and getting gift cards for $30 and getting a free burrito with ANYTHING on it.  Some of the tactics may be somewhat sketchy, use at your own discretion.

Long vs Short Posts

Most of my articles are quick reads, under 5 minutes.  I did this for a reason, I figured people are busy and would be more likely to read a concise, to-the-point article than a 10 page long piece.  This article by Ramit has made me reconsider my writing.

He makes many good points in the article, but what stands out to me is how many people read things and do not take action.  I do not want people reading my blog for entertainment or mental masturbation.  People must take action, change their habits and patterns, and do the hard things in order to better themselves in order to have a better life and sense of well-being.

In future posts, I plan on delving deep into issues people have with their mindset and what’s really holding them back to a better life.  While I feel I can have deep conversations about these topics, writing about them and getting the meaning across is a whole different animal.  I need to do more reading about how to write good copy!  Here’s to higher quality articles and more changed lives for the better!

Fund your Freedom

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Read time: 90 seconds

What are you doing right now to fund your freedom? While some of you may be maxing out your 401k or IRA, a lot of people I know personally seem to not worry too much about the future. While traditional methods like I just mentioned are better than nothing, I would highly recommend that people take measures to fund their freedom now to get out of the rat race!

It is surprising to me how many people are willing to sacrifice an amazing future, just to get by in the present. Does watching American Idol truly make you happy? Why are you willing to blow your money on stupid shit you don’t need, while being a slave to the system and the 9 to 5? Do you want to be able to take as many vacations as you want, do the things you want, and truly be free? Why are you sacrificing an amazing life by giving in to “instant gratification” having an entitlement mindset, and thinking you deserve the good things in life now, but are not willing to put in the hard work?

Most people prostitute themselves Monday-Friday only for the freedom of a weekend. How many times do we hear TGIF? Or how Mondays suck so much? If you want to be free from the system, you have to start doing the hard work, now, to live the good life!

If I told you I made 50k a year would you consider me rich? What if I told you I don’t have to work at all? Does that put a new spin on things? I am currently trying to hit my goal of 50k a year through my real estate endeavors and now my ecommerce and online businesses. These endeavors will fund my freedom. I am also willing to sacrifice things like shopping, driving a nice car, and other things most people feel they “need” in order to achieve my personal freedom from “the man” and the system. Time is our most valuable resource.

TAN: You must start looking into the methods that will help you achieve your personal freedom. The key here is that you must learn something new and be able to apply the knowledge. You cannot expect to sit back and win the lottery. Learn a useful skill and offer your services, learn how to start a website and make money online, learn how to save money – all of these things will help you to fund your freedom. Basically, if you’re sitting around doing nothing in your free time, you are wasting precious time that could be used to create for yourself a better future and an amazing life. You must be able to create value in some way, then the money will take care of itself. Invest in yourself now; I guarantee it will pay off in terms of a better life! 🙂