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Long vs Short Posts

Most of my articles are quick reads, under 5 minutes.  I did this for a reason, I figured people are busy and would be more likely to read a concise, to-the-point article than a 10 page long piece.  This article by Ramit has made me reconsider my writing.

He makes many good points in the article, but what stands out to me is how many people read things and do not take action.  I do not want people reading my blog for entertainment or mental masturbation.  People must take action, change their habits and patterns, and do the hard things in order to better themselves in order to have a better life and sense of well-being.

In future posts, I plan on delving deep into issues people have with their mindset and what’s really holding them back to a better life.  While I feel I can have deep conversations about these topics, writing about them and getting the meaning across is a whole different animal.  I need to do more reading about how to write good copy!  Here’s to higher quality articles and more changed lives for the better!