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Pimp my Ride

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This is my car. Seriously. No I am not involved with the Asian mafia as some people have commented. Folks, this is the result of softball-sized hail. I’m going to explain why this seemingly disaster was one of the best things to ever happen to me.

The first reason is strictly monetary. I bought my car for $3500 from my aunt. It is a 1998 Acura Integra GSR. After the storm, I was paid $5300 and I was able to keep the car for a mere $500! I literally made money on this car. Plus, nothing feels better than not having to make car payments month after month. Consumer debt makes you a wage slave to your possessions.

The second reason is it helped in my social unconditioning. We are programmed to “keep up with the Jones’s” in this day and age. Where beauty and the latest greatest thing are highly sought and where old, ugly, and outdated is looked down upon. This was, for me, a huge step in getting out of this consumer-driven world. It is very humbling to drive around a POS vehicle where people gawk, stare, and even come up to me to find out what happened. While I highly recommend traveling and helping those less fortunate to get over your ego, this event has done wonders for mine.

The final reason is that I feel it helps when I am meeting with tenants. If I were driving around a nice shiny beemer, do you think my tenants would appreciate it or feel resentment towards me? By driving this crap car around, I actually think they feel sorry for me, and at least realize that I am “one of them” when it comes to worldly possessions. Plus they don’t see me as a rich bigot and will be less likely to stiff me on rent because in their eyes I’m a nice guy just trying to get by like they are. Which is true…for now. 😉

Take action now: Are you socially conditioned to believe you must have the latest, greatest thing to show off to people? Do you live your life seeking approval from others? Well, now is the time to stop living for others and live for yourself. Stop trying to impress others and just do the things that make you happy. Think of the last time you did or bought something for the sole purpose of wanting to “show off.” Realize that this life is not a competition, and that those who die with the most toys still die. Do not seek approval from others. True happiness comes from within. I know, it’s much easier said than done for a lot of people, but if you are one of those who struggles with this, I hope eventually you can come to this realization. I’m here for you if you need any support!

4/15/12 update:

I was hit by a car a week ago and ended up getting $2585.04 from the insurance and I got to keep my car!  My mechanic fixed it for less than $200!  I will still drive my car even though it will look even worse because the engine is still good.  The car with 9 lives! :razz:

6/20/12 update:

There must have been a leak in the coolant and I must have blown a gasket.  The car overheats.  Trying to sell it for $850 on craigslist to someone looking to build a racecar.  It is finally the end of an era…;-)