2018 Update

2017 was a very good year for my mindset. I have been able to better control my anger and judge others much less. I attended an empathy group regularly and feel I am much more empathetic than I was. I am in the process of selling 3 rentals, looking to consolidate into better ones. I bought a house last friday that should do well as a college house. If all goes according to plan, by this summer I will be caught up on the houses for the most part. I can continue acquiring more, but will likely go another route. I would much rather be doing something I enjoy than something out of necessity. I learned so much this year and am developing a personal development system that I believe will be very helpful to people at any stage of their journey.

I have continued my regular exercise and am the strongest I have ever been in my life. I feel good too, I forgot what it felt like to not feel tired all the time. I have been eating poorly, but just this week started batch cooking healthy meals. Once I get some better nutrition I know I will feel amazing.

Tristan is doing quite well and is happy and healthy. 2017 was pretty stable, but it was definitely a good year. Look forward to 2018 and what the future holds!

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