What up all, Kyle Walters here.  I am a nerdy, bull riding, bungee jumping, freedom seeker with a mission to help people achieve their greatest potential.  I completely realize that you can’t change anyone directly and only wish to help people achieve more “aha” moments, personal breakthroughs, and epiphanies which incite eventual change.   Only you can change yourself.  I just hope to offer some assistance in your journey. ;-)

My personal mission statement:  “To have complete time freedom, to develop my highest state of consciousness, and to help others achieve their greatest potential.

Edit: For the first time in a decade I am not 100% sure on my mission right now but I know it has something along the lines of “To achieve financial freedom, to develop my highest state of consciousness, to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential, and to bring people together and help them get their needs fulfilled in a sustainable, healthy way.

My Code:

  • I will create and follow my own belief system
  • I will place my life and personal happiness before any and all else through Altruistic Sustainable Selfishness
  • 100% authenticity, 100% morality
  • I will live to make life wonderful everyday for myself as well as others over any and all else, especially over being right
  • I will always look on the bright side of life
  • I will never lie, not even a little white lie. I can make mistakes and joke and be sarcastic. I can refuse to answer questions, but I will never seriously state things I know to be untrue
  • I will keep my body healthy through regular exercise and healthy nutrition
  • I will wake up everyday with a sense of purpose in following my mission
  • I will never purposely try to hurt or bully anyone or make them feel bad
  • I will never get angry or upset at something outside of my control – out come independence 24/7

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