Why Most Workouts Don’t Work Out


Read time: 90 seconds

I am a health nut. I care about my diet way more than I should. I have never really been overweight. Yet I obsess over my health and my weight more than most personal trainers. I attribute it mostly to my wrestling days (starving myself and wearing sweats to bed to make weight) but I am concerned about my health in my later years, and know that by taking care of it now, I will have less issues to deal with in the future.

Most workouts don’t work out for one reason, they are not fun! An example in my life has been my constantly trying to enjoy running. I have even joined a running club for accountability, but the fact still remains, I hate running! The only way you will ever get in the habit of regular exercise is if you enjoy what you are doing. Whether that be a sport, workout videos, zumba, or whatever suits your fancy, I guarantee you won’t stick with it for long unless you enjoy it.

For me personally, I have found the workouts on bodyrock.tv very enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that Zuzana is smoking hot too…;) I also love to play DDR, which can be quite a “workout” in itself. I enjoy playing sports and I enjoy riding my bike.

You have to find a type of exercise you will enjoy or you won’t stick with it. Period.

Unconventional exercise also helps, especially on the road as my friend, Kevin, has discovered with his “mobile fitness” videos. You must get creative and above all else enjoy your workouts. Even if you just like walking in your local park; if you do it regularly, I guarantee you will see results. As long as you aren’t eating like total crap.

Take action now: Think of how many times you have told yourself you will exercise/run more/finally get to working out this year, and how many failed new year’s resolutions have followed. Now think about what kinds of exercise you truly enjoy. It could be any kind of sport, yoga, kettleballs, even sex! Find an exercise you enjoy doing, and stick with it! It’ll do wonders for your health and overall well-being.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor claim to offer any advice on health or medical issues. This is just my opinion so take it or leave it!