My First Ecommerce Store is Finally Up!

I finally have an ecommerce store up and running!  It doesn’t have many products yet, but I will be adding a bunch in the near future.  I have already made a lot of mistakes and way overpaid for the site, but the lessons I have learned already are invaluable for the future.  I hope to start other stores with higher margins and scalability in better niche markets as well.

I may end up deciding ecommerce isn’t for me and stick to real estate as my flagship to freedom.  I am definitely interested in some sort of online business, though,  due to the low risk/high reward ratio.  I am quite proficient in wordpress and getting more familiar with the ins and outs of website creation/management, which is definitely a plus in this business, although you can technically outsource everything!  We already have an idea for our next site and the wife might even lend a hand in it!  I’ll definitely be posting the results of this endeavor in future posts.  Oh yeah, and the amazon affiliate store I bought off Flippa has made like $5 in a couple months.  lol  Not good, but it was mostly an experiment too and I’ve learned a lot there too.  Looking forward to what the future holds! 🙂

PS The site is, check it out! 🙂

Getting Started in Ecommerce

Since I have the next couple months free, I figured I would try and diversify my income streams by making money online.  I recently acquired a couple sites, one is an amazon affiliate store that I think will be a flop.  It is mostly just an experiment.  Another is an actual online store that has dropshippers or I could buy the products wholesale and ship them out myself and increase my margins.  I will definitely post more on the topic of online businesses and whatnot.  It’s kinda funny how my blog is taking a similar path to Kenric’s on  He started in real estate like me and moved on to ecommerce.  We’ll see how it goes!

TAN: If I were someone looking to make more money, I would start learning at least basic HTML, SEO, and perhaps getting familiar with wordpress or other platforms.  You must start acquiring the knowledge now to make a better future for yourself.  If you don’t change your actions, your life won’t change for the better.  Unless you get extremely lucky like win the lottery or something, but I wouldn’t bet on that happening!  My experiences with learning html for random websites when I was a teenager and through college combined with posting on my blog here as well as other research has all culminated up to this point, which is why I believe I will succeed in this area.