I’m Baaaaaaaack with a huge epiphany and new direction

Hi everyone out there in internetland. I just wanted to update this blog as it has been quite awhile since my last update. A random facebook comment inspired me to start this up again. Just a few weeks ago I had a huge epiphany, might even be the biggest one I’ve had in my life and even experienced a small “ego-death”. I basically realized the reason I judge others stems from my childhood (and partly just human nature) and I judge others as a coping mechanism to make myself feel better about my own inadequacies. I particularly have a hang-up with those who have more money than myself. I will judge them harshly and find an area I am better than them at in life to make myself feel better about not achieving my full potential financially. This applies to other areas as well. I compare myself to others and judge them to make myself feel better.

Basically I was finally able to admit to myself that I am not perfect do have some issues regarding deeper insecurities, self-acceptance, and self-love that I need to address. While they are not extreme, the mere fact of admitting to all this and letting go of my ego was a very freeing experience. Every time I reach a new level of consciousness I find I get lazy and complacent. This was just the kick in the rear I needed to get to work on myself and my mission.

I have been able to do much more observing instead of judging lately and it is an amazing feeling. I realized I judged not only people, but articles, ideas and even entire belief systems. It is all completely unnecessary and I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I experience life in a different manner.

Anyway, I am in the process of putting together some sort of online course. I would like to start with a course on “how to easily make close friends as an adult” and one that ties into that is a course on “effective communication”. I believe I have strengths in these areas and others and would like to be able to teach people how to effectively communicate their needs better, as well as help to teach strategies on getting those needs fulfilled in a sustainable manner. I hope to be able to share my journey and processes in getting my own needs fulfilled.

Quick update on the houses: I am trying to sell off everything but the 4-plex, and 3 college houses. I am meeting with a guy on friday to discuss buying a total of 11 units. I am not 100% sure if I want to go this route, but I believe they do make sense financially. We’ll just see how it goes and I’ll play it by ear like I always do. Real estate has been very good to me but I am just not that passionate about it. I need to create and release these infoproducts and see if they add value to people’s lives. Worst case I can always fall back on real estate. My own fear of failure is the only thing holding me back from starting, but I am determined to at least give it a shot! There really is no failure, simply learning experiences. The real failure would be to never even try, so here’s to getting over my own fear and treading a path with more heart and meaning that I hope ends up working out.

I finally got my own domain name!

I have been procrastinating for quite awhile but I finally got a domain I can call my own.  I hope to post things related to health, finance, real estate, personal development, life hacking, and other various topics.  I’ll probably still post here as a personal blog, but I am trying to post relevant things there that add value to people’s lives.  Most of my rants on here are just to get my thoughts written out. silly

If you want to check it out the site is http://www.kylefromkansas.com.  Hope you get some value from my experiences and insight!  Enjoy! happy