Eventually I will have some of my own resources on here that will include information on real estate, getting the most out of life, among other things. But for now, I hope you can get something out of the following links.


  • Couchsurfing – Check this site out for meeting some awesome people when traveling without paying for a pricey hotel!

Personal finance

Real Estate


  • Sugarsync – Keep all your stuff backed up online!  Sign up through my link and we’ll both get some free storage.  This is easier than carrying a backup hard drive around, although I have one as well!  You can read about it here.


  • Paperbackswap – Trade your old books for new ones!
  • – Make microloans to others to help alleviate poverty.  When your loan is repaid, you can then loan the money out again helping even more people!  🙂

 My Other sites

  • My xanga – My old blog  – has some good 30 day trial posts
  • Social Unconditioning – I hope this site will inspire those that have been brainwashed by society