On Congruency

Read time: 2 minutes

One of my goals on here is to be a credible source of information. Basically, if I haven’t done something personally or have direct experience in “fill in the blank topic here” I won’t act like an expert on the topic. If I’m bullshitting on here, I actually hope people will call me out on it.

One thing that I see all too often is so called “experts” in certain areas trying to give good advice, but actually taking advantage of people. Even some bloggers put up fronts and actually make their money in other ways or live their lives differently than they portray.

A big area in this realm is personal finance. There is a certain female “financial guru” who will give advice on saving and having a well diversified portfolio, but some basic research will show that she herself has less than 5% of her portfolio in the actual stock market. Do you think she made her money saving and investing in the stock market? Yeah right! She made it selling books and doing interviews and whatnot.

Think of any person in the financial arena who gives so called advice on personal finance. Did any of them get rich by snowballing their money or maxing their Roth IRA or 401k? While they may do that and it may have helped, the majority got rich through other means. Books, seminars, audio programs, interviews, ad nauseum. Congruency people!

The same goes with regular financial advisors (I used to be one). If someone has a lower net worth than you do, would you entrust your life savings with them? It’s lunacy!

Take any topic of interest. For example, health. Would you take diet and fitness advice from a personal trainer who was morbidly obese? How about relationships. Would you take advice from someone who’s been divorced more times than they can count? How about learning a new skill. Would you rather learn from an olympic champion, or some bum who didn’t even make their college team?

Look for congruency in all areas of life. If someone hasn’t walked the walk, don’t take their advice!

Take action now: Think of a “guru” or even regular joe who you take advice from. Could be a person you’ve never met or the guy you work with. Do a little research and see if they have actually accomplished what they are trying to sell you. If not, then don’t take their advice! Most wealthy people did not make their money in the stock market. (They might retain their wealth through it though…) Most healthy, fit people didn’t get that way by taking some magic pill and sitting around eating twinkies all day (although some do that and are blessed with a high metabolism). Look for areas that are lacking in congruency and take action to get them on the right track! There aren’t many true “quick and easy fixes” in this world. Buck up cowboys and girls and do the hard work needed to get where you want to be. You can do it!