Simple not Easy

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Life is simple but far from easy.  Pretty much any and every issue you can think about is actually very very simple.

Take health for example.  If you were to go up to any person on the street with two plates, one with a big mac and the other with broccoli and ask which is healthier – if people were being honest, every single person would say broccoli.  If you were to ask people which is healthier – sitting on the couch watching netflix or *insert literally any form of exercise here* (walking, running, lifting weights, cycling, sports, on and on and on) which would they answer?  Is smoking healthy?  Is drinking excessively healthy?  These are very simple answers, yet difficult for the vast majority of people to act on.

Let’s move on to money.  Folks – it’s so fucking simple I don’t know why I need to type it out.  I could spout countless examples like buying clothes retail, leasing a brand new car, buying that big screen tv so you can sit on your ass all day and eat doritos and watch netflix, how many god damn pairs of shoes do you need??? People know they should be saving instead of spending.  It’s common sense.  It’s freaking so simple yet far from easy.

Now relationships. Ironically people would have much better relationships if they worked on themselves first.  Guys you want to find a girlfriend/wife/fuck buddy?  Quit sitting on your ass playing video games all day and improve yourself.  Family problems?  See the patterns that have been established, get over your damn ego and work on the root of the problems.  This realm can be a tad more complex, but it oftentimes comes down to yourself – because there’s only one thing we have complete control of in this world.

Everyone knows what they should and should not be doing to improve their lives.  The hard part is getting off your ass and doing the things that will make your life better.

Take Action Now: Think about one thing in your life that you want to change. Realize how simple it really is and start taking steps to improve that area of your life.  We all know what we “should” be doing.  Get an accountability partner.  The support you give each other can be just the push you need to get started and continue down the path of self-improvement.  The hardest part is getting started and sticking to it.  Try a 30 day trial. You have to actually want to change and be willing to put in the work to accomplish your goals. If you are struggling with something feel free to send me a message and I will support you in any way I can. 🙂

Why Most Workouts Don’t Work Out


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I am a health nut. I care about my diet way more than I should. I have never really been overweight. Yet I obsess over my health and my weight more than most personal trainers. I attribute it mostly to my wrestling days (starving myself and wearing sweats to bed to make weight) but I am concerned about my health in my later years, and know that by taking care of it now, I will have less issues to deal with in the future.

Most workouts don’t work out for one reason, they are not fun! An example in my life has been my constantly trying to enjoy running. I have even joined a running club for accountability, but the fact still remains, I hate running! The only way you will ever get in the habit of regular exercise is if you enjoy what you are doing. Whether that be a sport, workout videos, zumba, or whatever suits your fancy, I guarantee you won’t stick with it for long unless you enjoy it.

For me personally, I have found the workouts on very enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that Zuzana is smoking hot too…;) I also love to play DDR, which can be quite a “workout” in itself. I enjoy playing sports and I enjoy riding my bike.

You have to find a type of exercise you will enjoy or you won’t stick with it. Period.

Unconventional exercise also helps, especially on the road as my friend, Kevin, has discovered with his “mobile fitness” videos. You must get creative and above all else enjoy your workouts. Even if you just like walking in your local park; if you do it regularly, I guarantee you will see results. As long as you aren’t eating like total crap.

Take action now: Think of how many times you have told yourself you will exercise/run more/finally get to working out this year, and how many failed new year’s resolutions have followed. Now think about what kinds of exercise you truly enjoy. It could be any kind of sport, yoga, kettleballs, even sex! Find an exercise you enjoy doing, and stick with it! It’ll do wonders for your health and overall well-being.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor claim to offer any advice on health or medical issues. This is just my opinion so take it or leave it!