Lifehack: Don’t Wait in Line at Chipotle!

Read time: <30 seconds

For those of you who love Chipotle but hate waiting in their long lines there is a simple solution: order your food online or through the Chipotle app. Just go to their website, find the Chipotle you go to, and order through their site and schedule the time you’ll be there. When you get there, skip the line and go straight to the cashier!

I have done this multiple times and in as short of notice as 15 minutes. I have also ordered through my phone’s web browser while driving down the highway at 80 mph! I remember standing in line in college and seeing people pick up their food and thinking, “WTF? How do they just pick up their food and leave?” I hope this helps some people avoid the dreaded Chipotle line! 😉

edit: I recently read another article on some additional Chipotle hacks like asking for half chicken and half steak and getting like 3/2 worth of meat.  Also asking for both types of beans and getting gift cards for $30 and getting a free burrito with ANYTHING on it.  Some of the tactics may be somewhat sketchy, use at your own discretion.

Lifehack: Phone trick

Read time: 60 seconds

I want to talk about a little trick I have learned that has helped me in several situations. When you are talking on the phone with someone, as soon as you say your good-byes, don’t hang up right away. Depending on the conversation and who you are talking with, you can gain valuable information. You would be surprised how many people talk to themselves or to someone they are with about you or what you were just talking about before they hang up the phone!

Here are some situations where it has benefited me:

  • When talking to prospective tenants on the phone during pre-screening, I wait after the good-bye and hear them say something that disqualifies them immediately.
  • When talking to a “friend” or acquaintance, after the conversation hearing them talk about me in either a positive or negative light
  • When on the phone with a business “professional” hearing them act very unprofessionally and make some downright rude comments that makes me reconsider even doing business with them.
  • When talking on the phone with a potential mate, gaining some valuable information after the call about her thoughts/feelings/etc.

I’m sure there are many other situations, but you get the point. As soon as you say goodbye, just sit and listen for awhile. You may be surprised what you hear.

TAN: Try this trick for all your phone conversations in the future. If you learn something by using this technique, comment below! 🙂

Edit 8/9/12: I used the phone trick successfully today during a negotiation with a lady who is selling a mobile home park.  After I said bye I heard her say, “Oh no no no no, God please…” which basically means she is desperate to sell and I’m her only prospect right now.  While I don’t want to take advantage of an elderly lady, recent info has come to light which makes the investment extremely risky, and the deal is almost off just because of it.  We’ll see if we can work something out though.