Getting Started in Ecommerce

Since I have the next couple months free, I figured I would try and diversify my income streams by making money online.  I recently acquired a couple sites, one is an amazon affiliate store that I think will be a flop.  It is mostly just an experiment.  Another is an actual online store that has dropshippers or I could buy the products wholesale and ship them out myself and increase my margins.  I will definitely post more on the topic of online businesses and whatnot.  It’s kinda funny how my blog is taking a similar path to Kenric’s on  He started in real estate like me and moved on to ecommerce.  We’ll see how it goes!

TAN: If I were someone looking to make more money, I would start learning at least basic HTML, SEO, and perhaps getting familiar with wordpress or other platforms.  You must start acquiring the knowledge now to make a better future for yourself.  If you don’t change your actions, your life won’t change for the better.  Unless you get extremely lucky like win the lottery or something, but I wouldn’t bet on that happening!  My experiences with learning html for random websites when I was a teenager and through college combined with posting on my blog here as well as other research has all culminated up to this point, which is why I believe I will succeed in this area.

Save Money when Purchasing Things Online

Read Time: 90 seconds

Here’s a nifty trick when purchasing things online that can save you money. How many times have you seen one of these when you are in the process of finishing your purchase:

It may say enter promo, coupon, or gift code.  Either way, all you have to do is go to google and type in “site name promo code.”  “Site name” is the name of the website you are shopping on.  Try coupon code as well.  I have found coupons that have saved me 10-20% instantly all for literally less than a minute of my time.

For a quick example, I just went to and added things to my cart.  I googled “igourmet promo code” and found a code of cc22.  I typed it in the box and whaddaknow it worked!

I haven’t had much luck with amazon, but there are many sites where this is very easy to do.  Another way to earn points/money/rewards is to join sites that give you these things for purchasing through their site.  Two that I use are and

I have earned a lot of points on mypoints, mostly through ebay purchases.  Basically, you go through the mypoints site and it redirects you to ebay.  There you make your purchase like you normally do, and you earn points on mypoints that are good towards gift cards and other items.

I have earned cold hard cash from fatwallet.  When I bought a hp laptop, I went through fatwallet’s site which took me to hp’s site.  I made my purchase and earned $16.20 from fatwallet.  On a $450 purchase, that comes out to 3.6%.  Add in the 1% I get from my credit card and that brought the purchase down to just under $430.  $20 off is not bad considering how easy it was.  Try any of the techniques above, you won’t regret it! :razz: